Checking out the competition

In only ten days, I will be at Norwescon in Seattle to hear which of the six finalists will be the winner of the Philip K. Dick award.  Of course, I’m rooting for Terminal Mind, but the competition is pretty fierce.  Check out the other authors with novels in the running:

Karen Traviss is a full-time novelist from England whose first published novel, City of Pearl, made her a finalist for the Campbell Award.  The novel under consideration for the award, Judge, is the sixth and last book in that series.  In addition, Traviss is a New York Times #1 bestselling author for her Star Wars novels.

Adam-Troy Castro has published sixteen books and almost eighty short stories, for which he has been nominated for the Nebula, the Hugo, and the Stoker.  His contribution is Emissaries for the Dead, a novel in his series about futuristic homicide detective Andrea Cort.

Jeff Carlson‘s novel Plague War is the second book of a trilogy from Ace that has already been picked up by German-, Spanish- and Romanian-language publishers.  The first book is in its third edition and came out in audio form from Recorded Books.  He has a double chance of winning the contest, since he also wrote one of the short stories in the finalist anthology Fast Forward 2, edited by Lou Anders.

K. A. Bedford lives in Australia, and his last four books have all been finalists for the Aurealis, Australia’s award for the best science fiction, fantasy, or horror published in that country, including this year’s Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait.

These are some pretty talented authors!  I’m honored just to be associated with them.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Jeff Carlson says:

    Indeed, it’s a stiff crowd this year, sir!

    I’m thinking I might have to weed out the competition by whacking three or four of y’all in the head with a shovel… Mmmm. Barbecue. 🙂

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