Terminal Mind Wins Philip K. Dick Award

I’m writing this from Seattle, where I just WON the Philip K. Dick Award!  The award is given every year at Norwescon (the Northwest Science Fiction Convention) for the best science fiction novel of the year originally printed in paperback.  The competition is tough (see the post below this one for a description of the New York Times bestsellers and internationally published authors I was competing against).  For Terminal Mind to win was a tremendous upset.

It was an Academy Award-like event: six nominated books and none of the nominees knowing which of us would win until the award was announced.  Just being nominated was a huge thrill, so I was trying not to hope.  I sat in the ballroom, barely eating, while the award administrators intentionally dragged things out to add to the suspense.  My editor from Meadowhawk Press, Jackie Gamber, was there as well for moral support.  And then the announcement… !

Traditionally, there is both a Winner and a Special Citation awarded, but this year the judges couldn’t decide which was which, so both my book and Adam-Troy Castro‘s book, Emissaries for the Dead, were jointly given the award.  This is an amazing honor (especially for a first novel!), and means my work can forever be emblazoned with “Philip K. Dick Award Winning Author”.

Here I am with Jackie and the award:


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  1. Dave says:

    Congratulations on your win! A very nice honor indeed. I’ve added your book to my reading list. See? It’s already working!

  2. David, WOW! This is huge news!

    I am in awe, man. Major congratulations!

  3. Fabio says:

    Hi David!

    Congratulations! I think you´d like to know I´m doing a feature on the PKD finalists both in my blog, the Post-Weird Thoughts (http://www.verbeat.org/blogs/pwt) and also in Fantasy Book Critic (http://fantasybookcritic.blogspot.com/).

    All the best,
    Much love and respect,
    Fabio Fernandes

  4. Annie says:

    Sorry I didn’t make it to the awards ceremony! Congrads on your win!


  5. Roland Dobbins says:

    When will _Terminal Mind_ be available on the Amazon Kindle?

    Thanks, and congrats!

    1. davidwaltonfiction says:

      Thanks all! Roland — good question. My publisher was looking into that a little while back, but I never heard what came of it. If it becomes available, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  6. Alan Wallcraft says:

    I second Roland Dobbins request for an ebook version. At Amazon now, for books that have both Kindle and paper versions 35% of sales are Kindle ebooks. This tells us nothing about how an individual ebook will sell, but SF readers were early adopters of ebooks.

    Amazon’s terms are not necessarily favorable for ebooks of paperbacks, but you could instead (or as well) offer an ebook version just from this site or your publishers site (or from Baen’s webscriptions – which has the most traffic of any SF ebook site and has started to include some independent publishers). The important point here is that DRM-free MOBI ebooks are readable on the Kindle and the vast majority of PDAs and smartphones, and DRM-free ePub ebooks are readable on the Sony Readers and the iPhone via Stanza. With those two formats you would have most bases covered.

    1. davidwaltonfiction says:

      This sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Stay tuned.

  7. Roland Dobbins says:

    I’ll still plump for a Kindle version, as well – I’m doing almost all my reading via the iPhone/iPod Touch Kindle app these days, and a true Kindle edition is required for that app
    (I hate hate hate Stanza, and Bookshelf is both buggy and awkward in terms of file-management).

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