Fantastical Visions Anthology

The Fantastical Visions IV anthology is now available from Fantasist Enterprises, featuring my short story, “Dragonfly Savior”.  These anthologies always contain wonderful stories and are beautifully illustrated inside and out, so I’m very pleased to have a story of mine included.  Mine is one of 18 fantasy stories included in the book.  This small press works very hard to produce high-quality fiction books and still make a profit, so I hope many fantasy lovers among you will pick up a copy.  You will soon be able to order from Amazon, or you can order directly from Fantasist Enterprises.

I’m especially looking forward to this book coming out, because this is the first time my children will be able to enjoy reading one of my published works.  They’re too young for Terminal Mind or most of my short stories, but “Dragonfly Savior”, about little people interacting with animals in a wood, is something they’ll be able to appreciate.  Here’s a short excerpt to whet your appetite:

Dewdrop, astride his mantis, was leading the snake away from the river, dodging its lunges and slashing out with his mount’s spiked forelegs. There was no hope he could hurt it. Hickory wondered why he didn’t just try to escape. Then he saw the other mantis behind the snake, its body crushed, and beside it, a slumped, motionless form. Marigold. Dewdrop was leading the monster away from her, making himself the target of an enemy many times his size.

The snake moved with deadly grace, as smooth and fast as the water falling from the rocks behind it. The battle could not have been raging for long, or Dewdrop would have been dead. The snake lunged again, just as Dewdrop was slashing forward, and he was thrown from his mount. The snake opened its mouth, fangs bared, to finish him, but at that moment the weasels attacked. They tore into its unprotected throat; the snake writhed, ripping itself away, but fell twitching, belly up, onto the sand. By the time Hickory and Cori arrived, it was dead.

The soldiers helped Dewdrop to his feet, clapping him on the back. They draped Marigold, still alive but unconscious, over one of the weasels to send her back to the fielding.

“That girl will kill somebody one of these days.” Cori kicked at the ground so hard that Hickory jumped a step back. She relaxed just as suddenly, though, laughing a little at her own emotion. “I’m just glad it wasn’t today,” she said.

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