Premium Edition of Terminal Mind?

A number of copies of Terminal Mind are available on eBay.  The price ranges from $12.11 for a copy in “very good condition” to the premium edition at $53.82 . . . which is exactly the same as the usual edition.  It’s not even signed.  Come on: $54 dollars for a trade paperback you can buy for $13.45 on Amazon?  What’s going on?  It’s a seller with thousands of positive feedback ratings, too.

I’ve seen that kind of thing before, where books are listed for exorbitant prices by some sellers.  Somebody must buy them, presumably, or they wouldn’t do it.

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  1. I bought a copy of Terminal Mind, signed by you for $20.00. The online dealer listed the bppk as Brand New from the publisher. I just can’t identify if it’s a first edition or not. On the copyright page, there is no number line, nor is an edition listed.

    I’ve also bought your new novel, Quintessence. I’m looking forward to reading both books.

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