Book Number Two

It’s the first question people ask me:  “When will we see book number two?”  I’m happy to tell you that my second novel is finished, revised, revised again, and now sits at the desks of several New York publishers, awaiting their enthusiastic endorsement.  The title is Quintessence, a brand new book full of arcane science, alchemy,  human dissection, sea monsters, betrayal, torture, alternate astronomy, religious controversy, and magic.

But you’ll have to be patient.  The book industry is slow.  It will be quite some time before you’ll have the story in your hands.  When that time finally comes, I hope you’ll think, as I do, that it’s worth the wait.  Stay tuned here for updates as I have them!

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  1. Branka Doych says:

    Congratulations! Happy for you. Let us know when it is in the print. You have Allison’s and my well wishes.

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