Early Reviews

With only one week left until the release of Quintessence, some reviews are starting to roll in.  This one from Kirkus Reviews was mostly positive, but with this intriguing conclusion:

Against this intricate backdrop, the characters experiment, explore, debate ethics, philosophy and religion, and try to coexist with intelligent nonhumans. The big drawback, however, is Walton’s willingness to ascribe all the messy and inconvenient but unavoidable details of the world’s structure to the will of God, a pretext that should rightly be regarded as a cop-out. Still, the action builds to a thrilling and memorable finale.

Flawed, then, but impressive and often brilliant.

An interesting observation, since I ascribe all the messy details of the real world to the will of God, too.  Apparently my worldview is evident in my writing.

Though, I like the “impressive and often brilliant” part as well.  🙂


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