Lost Everything

I take a special interest in the Philip K. Dick awards, since I was a winner in 2009 and a judge in 2011.  The award is given to the best paperback original science fiction novel published in the United States.  This year’s winner was just announced: the book is LOST EVERYTHING by Brian Francis Slattery.  Nice to see a fellow Tor author take home the prize!

Here is the book’s description:

In the not-distant-enough future, a man takes a boat trip up the Susquehanna River with his most trusted friend, intent on reuniting with his son. But the man is pursued by an army, and his own harrowing past; and the familiar American landscape has been savaged by war and climate change until it is nearly unrecognizable.  Lost Everything is a stunning novel about family and faith, what we are afraid may come to be, and how to wring hope from hopelessness.

Check it out!

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