Terminal Mind is back in print!

In 2009, Terminal Mind won the Philip K. Dick award for “the best paperback science fiction novel published in the United States.”  Unfortunately, the publishing house that published it went out of business, leaving the novel available only in e-book form.  The remaining paperbacks were selling on Amazon for $69 each!  Some of you have asked me to let you know if it came back in print at a reasonable price, and  I’m glad to announce that the book is now available as a trade paperback for $11.99.

Terminal Mind is usually sold as an adult novel, but it’s great for young adults, too.  In style, it’s similar to many popular “dystopian” YA novels like Legend, Divergent, or The Hunger Games.  Major US cities have been destroyed, and violent and corrupt city-states have grown up out of the craters.  The main characters are young and idealistic, falling in and out of love and trying to save the world.  Recommended for ages 12 and above.

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