Where Are All The Books?

Some of you have heard me talking about all the books I’ve been writing recently.  You may be wondering . . . where are they?  The truth of the New York publishing machine is that–at least for an only modestly-successful author like myself–my writing is far ahead of the publication schedule.  Superposition, my quantum physics murder mystery, is completely written and finished.  The publisher (Pyr Books) is working on cover art and publicity and getting author blurbs.  The book itself, however, probably won’t hit shelves until the Spring of 2015.  (The actual release date has not been decided.)  In the meantime, I’ve already finished the first draft of the sequel, Supersymmetry, which is more of a suspense thriller than a mystery.  A few trusted friends are critiquing it for me, and Pyr has already bought the book.

So for those of you who are hungry for more David Walton novels . . . stay the course!  New and exciting stories are in the pipeline, and I am still furiously writing more.


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