Superposition selected for a Daily Deal!

Good news!  Superposition has been selected for today’s Daily Deal!  That means that Amazon chose it for a special promotion and is offering the e-book for only $2.99 for one day only.  But don’t worry–if you don’t have a Kindle, all the other e-book types will discount to match!  So no matter what e-reader you have, you can get Superposition for only $2.99 on Friday, August 28th.  It’s a great opportunity if you–or anyone you know!–has yet to read the book.

Amazon readers have loved this book, first choosing it as a “Book of the Month” and then as a “Best Book of the Year So Far” in the science fiction category.  I don’t know if Amazon takes this into account, but it’s great timing for a sale, with only four days left until the Supersymmetry release.

Here’s the Amazon link, though the price should be good wherever you buy e-books.

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