The New News on the Mooz

Today my story “All The Rage This Year” becomes available to read on Moozvine.  It’s one of my favorites, the award-winning short story that really kicked off my writing career.  The world of this story–biological mods in a cratered Philadelphia–was the seed idea for my debut novel, the Philip K. Dick Award winning Terminal Mind.  “All The Rage This Year” was read and judged by top New York agent Eleanor Wood (who later became my literary agent) and Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game, etc.) and picked for an award anthology that was my first big break into the world of professional publishing.  I’m still tremendously proud of it, and I think the world and the characters in this social satire stand among the best things I’ve ever written.

But…what’s Moozvine?  Funny you should ask.

It’s a new crowdfunding concept in publishing fiction being taken for a spin over. Here’s how it works: Stories get released to the public after a certain total amount of money is paid. If it’s already released, anyone can read it for free, or for a donation amount that they choose. If it’s not yet released, you can pledge any amount you wish, but you pay nothing until the goal is met. When the goal is met, the author is paid, and the story is made available to the world.

It’s a pretty interesting model. The site just launched, and there are a growing number of stories available there from some great authors like Nancy Kress, Ken Liu, John Chu, Tom Doyle, Nancy Fulda, and Lawrence Schoen.

In my case, the story is free!  It’s already made available to the public.  You can just pop over there and read it for nothing, or you can leave me a tip if you like the story enough that you’d like to pay me something for it.  (But really, you can just go ahead and read it for free…)  Enjoy!

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