Voila Superposition!

It’s another release day for Superposition!  Today is the day the French translation of Superposition is being published in France.  Here’s the cover for the French edition, which I think is pretty stunning.  (Though, what is it with Superposition and bald people?  There are no bald characters, and yet somehow all the covers have no hair!)


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  1. Éric Holstein says:

    Hi David,

    Many thanks for mentioning the release of your French translation.

    I’m the translator and also the artistic director, so I’m the one to blame for the lack of hair.

    The cover’s artwork is from an amazing South African artist I’ve tracked down for weeks named Jamy Van Zyl. I guess I was influenced by the original cover, with it’s NIP/TUCK mood. Well… let’s say it makes the varcolac even more freaky ; )

    And be honest… the guy doesn’t even have eyes. He probably haven’t noticed he’s bald.

    Anyway, we’re glad you like it and we’re very proud of this book.

    All very best,


  2. davidwaltonfiction says:

    And thanks so much for all your work! It looks fantastic,

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