Turkey after Turkey

I traveled to Thailand last month for my day job, and many people asked my wife, “Oh, is he there because of his books?”  We laughed and said no, he never travels overseas because of his books.  Well, never say never…

No sooner was I home from Thailand when I received an invitation to attend Black Week Turkey, a literary festival in Istanbul.  Superposition came out in Turkish not long ago, to some pretty great fanfare.  There are posters of the book up on the sides of buildings in Istanbul, front and center placement on bookstore shelves, and a cool promotional video trailer.  So shortly after enjoying turkey for Thanksgiving, I will be flying to Turkey as a guest of one of Europe’s biggest literary festivals!  I will be speaking, and there will apparently be journalists and representatives of the ministry of culture, not to mention lots of readers.  Wow.  I can hardly believe it’s happening!

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