Cover reveal for THE GENIUS PLAGUE!

The cover for THE GENIUS PLAGUE has just been released to the world!  The art is by Eric Nyquist, who did the covers for Jeff Vandermeer’s ANNIHILATION series.  So why is there a giant mushroom with a map of the continents on it?  Read on…

Screenshot 2017-03-24 at 11.43.38 PM

What if the pandemic you thought would kill you made you more intelligent instead?  In the Amazon basin of South America, a disease is spreading.  It kills some, but to the many who survive, it grants astonishing powers of communication, memory, and pattern recognition.  But the miracle hides a sinister secret: it is the survival mechanism of a fungal organism, manipulating those it infects into serving its purposes.

THE GENIUS PLAGUE is a science fiction thriller about two brothers, one convinced the fungal host is the next stage of human evolution, and the other committed to its destruction.  As the pandemic sweeps the world, they must answer a crucial question: Is the human race the master in this symbiotic relationship?  Or are we becoming the pawns of a subtly dominating and utterly alien intelligence?

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