Release day!

Today, at long last, THREE LAWS LETHAL is released into the world! It’s available in any format, wherever you like to buy books. It’s about self-driving cars, about artificial intelligence, about corporate espionage and legal battles and friendship and heartbreak and revenge.  I’ve been waiting a long time to get this one into your hands, and I’m excited you will all now have a chance to read it!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BAM | IndieBound | Audible

“If Asimov had lived for another fifty years, his worldview might have evolved enough to write something like Three Laws Lethal, but he couldn’t have done it better than David Walton did. Recommended for those who like character-driven science fiction, hard science fiction, fans of Asimov’s Robot series, and anyone who has ever used a car sharing app.”

—Future SF Magazine

“David Walton’s Three Laws Lethal gives the reader exciting insights into the threats and the promises that are coming our way.” 

—Vernor Vinge, multiple Hugo award-winning author of A Deepness in the Sky

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | BAM | IndieBound | Audible

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