Dinosaurs are coming!

It’s been a long hiatus and a global pandemic since my last book, but at long last, I can announce not just one, but three books coming soon. The Living Memory trilogy (Living Memory, Deadly Memory, and Memory Reborn) will be published in October 2022, May 2023, and October 2023. Only the first book is written, so I’d better get cracking!

When paleontologists Samira and Kit uncover dinosaur skeletons in northern Thailand, they also find the remains of an ancient genetic technology that nations will kill to control. Catapulted into a web of murder and intrigue involving the Chinese Ministry of State Security, a powerful Asian crime syndicate, the CIA, and a beautiful Thai princess, Samira and Kit don’t know who they can trust. Torn apart by competing factions and stranded on opposite sides of the world, they race to discover the truth before the world goes to war. Can they bring the past to life before it kills them all?

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